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Virtual Analytical Laboratory

According to some, 90% of all data available for analysis today has emerged in the past two decades.  It's what we now call "Big Data." And, to make that data useful, the discipline of data science has emerged.

Data Science has been described as having four main components: Data Mining, Machine Learning, Big Data and Predictive Modeling.  However, we question, how can there be a scientific discipline without experimentation?

Data science is often first utilized by companies to understand the relationship between customer behavior and product adoption and purchases.

As a company becomes more data driven, it uses its data science capabilities to answer questions such as "what if", not just "who, what and where."

"What if" questions are tantamount to the application of the scientific method and data experimentation.

We can help you set up an internal Data Science Program or provide outsource services to help your business become data-driven.


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