Make Research Actionable

When businesses think about conducting research they tend to first think about the methodology. To us, the methodology is not what’s most important. What’s critical is to first determine the objective of the research in the first place.  What business issue or marketing challenge are you trying to solve? What insights do you need in order to make an intelligent decision? That’s what you need to think about first.

Let’s talk about research. American Marketing Association has this definition:

Research is the systematic and objective approach to gathering marketing information which, when processed, analyzed, and interpreted, will help identify problems and opportunities allowing for better informed, lower risk decisions.


From that statement, “better informed, lower risk decisions” are the most important words. 


In many instances we hear “the research needs to tell me what to do.” It will not; however, it will point you in the right direction. It’ll lead you down a path. Uncover opportunities, challenges, issues and obstacles, but ultimately, you need to pull the trigger on the decision.  To take the necessary action.

That’s the way you need to think when considering implementing research. How can it help you make a better-informed, strategic decision? Whether it’s about a product, your brand, or your competition.


Ask yourself, “Why am I conducting research?” and “What problem am I trying to solve or what information do I need to learn to move forward with an actionable decision?”


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