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Profitable Services You Can White Label

Market Research and Analytical Services

  • Customer Satisfaction Studies, Net Promoter Score analysis

  • Consumer Panel Research, tracking studies

  • Measurement of Consumer Attitudes, Preferences, Purchase Drivers

  • Qualitative Research (focus groups, intercepts, 1-to-1 interviews, product testing)

  • Media Advertising Tests (pre- and post-studies; advertising impact analysis)

  • Predictive Analytics, Predictive Modeling

  • M-commerce and e-commerce conversion rate analyses and conversion optimization

  • Social Media impact analysis and tracking of consumer engagement (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linked-in)

  • Brand Analysis studies including Brand Promise, Brand Power, Brand Loyalty and Comparative Brand Positioning

  • SEO analysis and modeling

  • Direct Marketing and email marketing program effectiveness analyses

  • Database Modeling/segmentation and Business Forecasts (consumer adoption and potential revenue estimates)

  • Consumer Market Segmentation Studies

  • Conjoint Analysis studies

  • Statistical Meta-Analysis

  • Econometric Analysis and Forecasts

  • Price Elasticity and Price Sensitivity studies for consumer goods, software and technology (B-to-B; B-to-C)

  • Database Profiling and Modeling; Best Target Segment Identification and scoring algorithms

  • Consumer Product Usage and Product Consumption Modeling and Projective Forecasts

  • Market Share Measurement and Brand Penetration – Benchmarks and Validation

  • Market Size Statistics and Modeling

  • Customer/Buyer Personas

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