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Drive More Revenue with Advanced Analytics for Research Firms

Data science and predictive analytics are hot topics.  You know it because you're in the market research business.

And, if the topic hasn't come up yet with your current or prospective clients, it will.

Adding these programs to your list of services typically cannot happen overnight. Putting aside the investment of the necessary software tools, the big hurtle is having the right talent that knows how to use these tools.  Your very own team of data scientists are only a phone call away!

SMI and its data scientist are now an outsourced team to market research firms that want to offer their clients predictive analytics and other advance modeling via a white label opportunity.

We are offering Predictive Modeling as a Service, giving you the ability to jump start your program or expand your existing offerings with minimal start-up time and low out-of-pocket investments.

Our simplified service delivers the complexity and benefits of predictive analytics run by data scientists while reducing the barrier of entry for research firms.


Contact us or book an appointment online to begin the conversation today. 

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