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Strategic Market Intelligence provides companies information and insights to help them achieve their business and revenue goals.


We offer a wide range of services that deliver qualitative insights, quantitative data, and predictive analytic solutions to provide businesses actionable intelligence to make the strategic decisions necessary to keep growing businesses, growing.



Your business, your brand, has many facets that create value for your customers.


Whether it’s external pressures from competitors, economic shifts in the market, technology, or changes in your customer’s behavior, all can have a direct impact on the decisions you make and, ultimately, the value you deliver to your customers. 

Developing a solid strategy requires information to improve your messaging, integrated campaigns, operations, distribution, as well as the creation of new, innovative products. 


Your brand is at the heart of your business. To protect it requires a continuous flow of information for your teams to make intelligent decisions.

It's not the drill you need, but the hole!

Methodologies Don't Drive the Outcomes, the Outcomes Drive the Solutions



Strategic Market Intelligence is a data science and research company with its own proprietary approach and analytic methods with diverse experiences to meet the challenges for any industry.


  • Customer Satisfaction Studies, Net Promoter Score analysis

  • Consumer Panel Research, tracking studies

  • Measurement of Consumer Attitudes, Preferences, Purchase Drivers

  • Qualitative Research (focus groups, intercepts, 1-to-1 interviews, product testing)

  • Media Advertising Tests (pre- and post-studies; advertising impact analysis)

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